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Student Council Elections

On the morning of September 1st, the Instituto Estatal Electoral visited the Euroamerican School at its southern campus to overlook our democratic elections, as all Middle School students complied with their civic duty to vote.  Pupils from grades 6 to 9 chose between the two parties that were running for student council for the present school year:  The Real Change (TRC) and The Euro Empowerment (TEE).  Upon the conclusion of a week of campaigning, which included speeches, videos, and propaganda, students patiently waited their turn at the polling stations.  After counting the votes both electronically and manually, The Euro Empowerment came out on top and will be in charge of representing our school body for the coming year. Congratulations to TEEs members and we wish them the best of luck!  A special thanks go out to Ms. Georgina Morales for her organization of the event in coordination with the IEE and the grade 8 representatives that verified the voting was carried out smoothly.