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Camping Trip

On September 7th, the ninth grade students left for a “camping” trip to Teotepec, in the mountains of Coahuila, with the group Proactive. The first day centered around learning about respect, team building, and getting to know each other. One activity had students sit with classmates that they wanted to get to know better and ask each other questions that encouraged them to reveal their interests, doubts, weaknesses, and strengths. The day ended with a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, and performing skits and songs for the evening entertainment.


The following day, after very little sleep, students awoke to more team building challenges, as well as extreme sports such as zip lining and rappelling. Students learned not only to face their fears but also to overcome them.  Teammates and new-found friends encouraged one another along throughout the morning activities. By the afternoon trip back, after an exhausting two days of fun, nearly everyone fell asleep on the two-hour ride home. As the year continues, we are sure that students will remember this adventure, and focus on finding the commonalities they share and stand united as a ninth-grade generation.