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Euroamerican School Sur

Welcome To Eurosur

Admissions general information

Welcome to Euro Sur!


Thank you for considering Euroamerican School.


The Euroamerican School is firmly established as one of the leading educational institutions of Preschool, Elementary and Middle School in Monterrey.


Submit an application to start the admissions process.

1. Submit Application

Complete an online application so we can get to know your child and family.


2. Parent Interview and tour
Make an appointment for an interview and a guided tour of our school.
You will meet with our admissions staff one-to-one.

3. Student evaluation exam
Our psychologist will evaluate your child(ren) after delivering the complete documents.
MAP test (Measure of Academic Progress) will be applied for Grs. 2 -9.
4. Admissions decision notification
A Euroamerican School representative will call to inform you of the admission decision.

5. Parent enrollment agreement
Sign, submit the tuition payment.. and get excited!
Our mission is to help each child reach their full potential. Euroamerican School’s tuition covers experienced teachers, co-curricular specialists, a personalized learning plan for each and every child, and an opportunity for parents to work in partnership with educators to shape the student experience. Tuition is based on a 10-month schedule and is billed monthly.

Tuition includes

     School Year 2023 - 2024

• Personalized learning experience for each child powered by Euroamerican School.
• Rigorous curriculum resources
• Standardized assessment
• Culture and language exploration
• Textbooks, workbooks, digital licenses, and digital yearbook
• School accident Insurance (on and off-campus school-sponsored

• Ambulance service 7-24.

• Music Programs and costumes for preschool
• After School Sports. (limited spaces)
    Toddlers          $ 7,760.00 MXN
    Pre Nursery    $ 9,150.00 MXN
    Nursery           $11,740.00 MXN 
    PreKinder       $12,310.00 MXN
    Kinder             $13,480.00 MXN
    Grades 1-3     $14,920.00 MXN
    Grades 4-6     $16,010.00 MXN
    Grades 7-9     $18,480.00 MXN